3D VUZ Works With The Following Industries

Real Estate Brokers

Our “Bread & Butter” business… Showcasing 3D Virtual Tours, Professional Photography, and Single-Property Websites will help you GET MORE LISTINGS, and SELL MORE HOUSES.  When a home owner interviews brokers, your marketing plan will WOW them, and they will list with YOU!

For Sale By Owners (FSBO’s)

When an owner chooses to market directly to buyers, our 3D Tours will help them the same way it helps brokers… you can send your tour to buyers who inquire, and share to social media just like the biggest agents.

Builders & Developers

Help spread the word about your new construction & renovation projects by letting everyone see your work. Model homes& recently renovated properties can be seen, and shared among interested parties. Contractors can shoot “before and after” 3D Tours, and get MORE business.


What better way to have someone experience your space than in 3D? If someone is planning a party, or looking at catering facilities, they can better visualize their event knowing what the space looks like.

3D VUZ Offers The Following Services

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours

Show stopping, deal closing and very impressive way to showcase your best listings. Real Estate professionals & private sellers alike will have an immediate advantage over similar listings.

Aerial Photography & Video

Some homes can absolutely benefit from aerial images and videos… get a birds eye view of the house and property. Enjoy nearby scenery, such as water views, parks, etc.

Professional 2D Floor Plans

Would you believe that 92% of all listings have NO floor plans included? Buyers need to have accurate room measurements to help make decisions about which home best fits their space requirements.

Professional Photography

Incredibly, 75% of agents only use 1-2 pictures on their listings… and they are usually taken with a cell phone! You can immediately tell professional pictures from amateur shots. You’d think its universal, but only the best agents go the “extra mile” and invest in their presentation.

Custom Single-Property Websites

Your property gets lost on Trulia & Zillow… we create a custom, single-property website, complete with a great domain name (https://3dvuz.com/). This is the ultimate way to showcase your property or listing, complete with the 3D Tour, Description, Pictures, Floor Plan, and more. All shareable on every social media platform.

Aerial Photography & Video

3D Vuz uses the latest airborne cinematography tools to produce jaw dropping stills and video from the sky.  Some homes can absolutely benefit from aerial images and videos… get a bird’s eye view of the house and property.  Enjoy nearby scenery, such as water views, beaches, parks, etc.

Professional 2D Floor Plans

Would you believe that 92% of all listings have NO floor plans included?  
Buyers need to have accurate room measurements to help make decisions about which home best fits their space requirements.
Including floor plans in your marketing makes 100% sense.

Professional HD Photography makes a HUGE difference.

If you see a Real Estate agent taking marketing pictures with his/her cell phone.. RUN!  You want your home to stand out, and having pictures that POP are the key!  We have many options, and the goal is that your marketing efforts aren’t held back by poor inferior photos.   When your property listing appears in online search results, you have ONE opportunity to catch the viewers eye, and get them to click on YOUR listing.  If your pictures aren't shouting "LOOK AT ME", you're losing another opportunity!   We have seen it all, from pictures taken from inside a car, at night, with the garbage cans and toys right in plain view, to pictures that are blurry, over exposed and/or otherwise inferior.   Treat the sale of your home seriously, as we do!





Your custom built website basically provides a “home”, to display the 3D Virtual Tour, the pictures, floor plans, and other information… all in a great looking, shareable platform.

You get a custom DOMAIN NAME, with your address (https://3dvuz.com/) or any other catchy name (ie, www.DitmasParkCondo.com or www.BKPenthouse.com).. Share the website just like you’d share any other link… Email, Facebook, Twitter.. etc.!

About Us

3D Vuz Inc. is owned and operated by Howard Witz, a real estate broker with over 30 years experience selling homes in Brooklyn and NYC.  In that time, various new technologies emerged, allowing the agent produce better and better marketing materials, including digital photography (we taped Polaroid pictures to flyers and copied them to hand out), websites, and more... VIRTUAL TOURS always excited Howard, and TODAY, Howard offers the very best 3D Virtual Tours not only for his OWN clients, but other agents and home owners too.  Business owners, art galleries, and other commercial uses are gaining traction, and we are here to HELP you get started.  Affordable and essential.. Call us today to learn more!

After 30 years selling real estate in Brooklyn and NYC, I have an 'eye" for making your property look its' best when selling.  3D Virtual Tours are the BEST WAY to show off your listings, and 3D VUZ is the most affordable way to get it done!

Howard Witz - Business Owner, Chief Photographer, Janitor! DIRECT: 516-331-0290

JUSTIN SEIGLE - Business Development

Need to BOOK a Matterport Shoot in Staten Island or NJ?... Richard Can HELP!

RICHARD STEVENS - SI/NJ Business Development (732) 685-7629

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

I think that Matterport 3D Tours can have a huge impact on the sale of a house. I can share the tour with both buyers and other agents, allowing me to get the listing in front of the right people

Lou Belisario - COMPASS The Belisario Team

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We hope you’ve thoroughly enjoyed the examples and descriptions of our services and look forward to making you the next satisfied customer.

Please send us some info about what you’d like us to do for you and to tell us the best way to reach out to you.

3D Vuz, Inc.
Servicing All of NYC, Long Island & New Jersey.. and Growing Every Day!

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- Howard Witz / Owner

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