2756 East 23rd Street Condos

Presented By Michael Feldman & Bedford Brownstone RE

Beautiful New Condos in Sheepshead Bay

  • Nathan Pinsky
    Nathan Pinsky Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker
    1171 Bedford Avenue
    Brooklyn NY 11216

    Ask Nathan Pinsky’s clients to describe him and you’ll hear two words over and over again … integrity and loyalty. They’ll also tell you that having been born and raised in the borough, Nathan is a true “Brooklyn guy” with a unique knowledge of brownstone architecture and history. Nathan’s clients, both buyers and sellers alike, will describe him as a tenacious negotiator who “really listens and is always available.” These are the qualities that have secured Nathan Pinsky’s place among Brooklyn’s most successful real estate brokers, with buyers and sellers coming back time and time again. After a comprehensive consultation to determine your individual needs, Nathan will combine his local market savvy with his command of Bedford Brownstone’s cutting-edge technology to deliver a winning outcome for you. And deliver he will, because there’s one other thing each and every one of Nathan’s clients will tell you, “No one has ever worked harder for me than Nathan Pinsky.”
  • Michael Feldman
    Michael Feldman Licensed Real Estate Broker
    1171 Bedford Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11216


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2756 East 23rd Street Condos